Photo of smiling teens.

This program consists of 6, 90-minute sessions. The program will focus on the following topics: Being in charge of your body, Tech free, Understanding Goal Setting, Understanding stress and anxiety, understanding your feelings, intuition, building a support system, caring for self, planning ahead, and healthy boundaries. Jen will cover important difficult topics while helping teens establish a support network all while having fun.

Jen Adams is a former police detective and is now a life-wellness-fitness coach. Jen and partner Denise Leville started Coaching NH to offer new pathways for families, couples, & individuals in New Hampshire to live more peaceful, productive & joyful lives! Coaching NH offers small group workshops & coaching that teach essential practices for STRONG LIVING & motivate individuals to BE their BEST SELVES! Workshops harness the energy of the group, utilize current research on psychological & physical health & wellness, & inspire individuals to transform their lives.